Sen. James Lankford Criticized For Immigration Policies

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) is under fire for his perceived leniency on immigration issues, despite his tough rhetoric on social media. Many constituents and political commentators argue that Lankford’s actions do not align with his public statements, especially regarding President Biden’s immigration policies.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has publicly chastised Lankford for his approach to immigration. Cruz’s rebuke highlights a growing concern among conservatives that Lankford is not adequately addressing the challenges posed by illegal immigration. This sentiment is echoed by many on social media, who have expressed their frustration with Lankford’s inconsistency.

Lankford has often posted strong messages against illegal immigration and in support of securing the border. However, his critics argue that when it comes to legislative action, he frequently caves to pressures from Washington, D.C., aligning more with Biden’s policies than with the wishes of his Oklahoma constituents. This discrepancy between his public statements and private actions has led to a loss of confidence among some voters.

Critics argue that both major parties have historically benefited from the ongoing immigration crisis. By keeping the issue unresolved, politicians can use it as a fundraising tool and a means to rally their bases. This strategy is seen as a betrayal of the electorate’s trust, as it prioritizes political gain over practical solutions.

Governors like Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida have taken more aggressive steps to highlight and address the severity of the immigration situation. Their actions have put additional pressure on federal officials, including Lankford, to take more definitive stances.

As an Oklahoman, this writer feels particularly disillusioned with Lankford’s performance. The senator’s actions have not only undermined his credibility but also the trust of his constituents who expected him to stand firm against the Biden administration’s immigration policies. Whether Lankford can regain the confidence of Oklahoma voters remains to be seen, but for now, his record on immigration is a point of significant contention.

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