Nigel Farage Criticizes Establishment For ‘Forever Wars,’ Calls For Peace And Strong Defense

Nigel Farage, leader of the Reform UK party, has faced significant backlash from the British press over his comments regarding Western NATO and EU expansionism’s role in provoking the Ukraine War. Farage, speaking on the campaign trail on Monday, reiterated his stance that Western actions provided Russian President Vladimir Putin with a justification for the invasion.

Farage’s comments come amid rising support for his party, with recent polls placing Reform UK in second place nationally. Such a result in the upcoming General Election could disrupt a century of British political tradition.

Despite recent favorable media coverage, Farage is now under attack for his position on NATO and the EU. He maintains that his remarks reflect a broader truth about Western foreign policy missteps. Farage criticized President Biden for the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, former Prime Minister Cameron and former French President Hollande for the destabilization of Libya, and Labour leaders for the Iraq War.

Farage argued that a strong NATO front is essential for deterring aggression from China and Russia. He emphasized the importance of a robust defense, saying, “You don’t get peace through weakness, you get peace through strength. You get peace through deterrence.” He warned that the Conservative government’s defense cuts have weakened the UK’s military capabilities and risk diminishing the country’s standing in NATO.

Addressing the criticism, Farage stated, “I’ve done none of those things. I would never, ever defend Putin, and think his behaviour in Ukraine and elsewhere has been reprehensible. But if we’re going to think towards peace at some time in the future it might be helpful to understand what went wrong in the first place.”

Farage concluded his speech with a call for peace and stronger defenses, asserting that the world is more dangerous now than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. He is scheduled to continue his campaign with a major rally in Devon, expected to draw up to 1,500 attendees.

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