Jill Biden’s Former Press Secretary Asserts There Is ‘No Chance’ Of Replacing President Biden

Michael Larosa, the former press secretary for First Lady Jill Biden, has firmly stated that there is “no chance” President Joe Biden will be replaced as the Democratic nominee. Larosa’s remarks came during an appearance on Jesse Watters Primetime on Thursday night, where he discussed the first presidential debate between Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Following the debate, Democrats appeared unsettled, with some questioning Biden’s performance and suggesting he might struggle to secure the nomination. However, Larosa dismissed these concerns, emphasizing that the Democratic establishment remains steadfast in its support for Biden. He characterized those advocating for Biden’s removal as a “minority” within the party.

“There is no chance of replacing the president. I would never expect him to be replaced; that is not how parties work. The Republican Party rallied around Mr. Trump after his convictions. It’s the same thing here,” Larosa stated. “The party will not leave the leader of the party. It rarely ever happens; it won’t happen this time. So it’s kind of like a buckle-up kind of feeling. There’s really nobody who said anything publicly, any elected officials, that they would like to see him replaced. Even if they did, it would be a minority.”

Despite his confident stance on Biden’s position within the party, Larosa conceded that the president performed poorly in the debate against Trump. He admitted, “It was a bad night; that’s what happened last night. You and I talked about what he needed to do. And I was very specific that it wasn’t really a focus on policy or memorizing statistics. All he needed to do was show strength, show that he was agile, show that he could counterpunch, and show that he could contextualize where we were when he inherited the White House and where we are now. He wasn’t able to do any of those things.”

Drawing from his personal experience as a competitive swimmer, Larosa likened the debate loss to losing a race. “Look, I was a competitive swimmer for 17 years, and I had one job, which was to touch the wall first. And if I didn’t, I would have lost. Last night, my team lost. We lost the debate,” he concluded.

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