Former Lifeguard Heroically Rescues Man From Sinking Car In Glendale, Arizona

In Glendale, Arizona, a routine drive turned into a life-saving mission for Amy Magsamen, a former lifeguard. On June 13, a 66-year-old man’s car plunged into a man-made lake after he swerved to avoid a reckless driver at the intersection of 59th Avenue and Behrend Drive. As his car began to sink, Magsamen’s quick thinking and training made all the difference.

Magsamen was driving nearby when she witnessed the car veer off the road and into the lake. Recognizing the severity of the situation, she immediately stopped her vehicle and rushed to help. Drawing on her lifeguard experience, she knew she had to act fast but also remain cautious.

“I had that lifeguard training. I know you don’t dive into water that’s unknown,” Magsamen explained in an interview with the Glendale Police Department. Despite her awareness of the dangers, she did not hesitate to leap into action when she saw the car rapidly sinking. “The scary part was, the car was going down. It was sinking,” she recalled.

Magsamen’s approach was methodical. She kept her eyes on the driver, providing instructions and reassurance. “Keep your eyes on the victim, try to get her to stay calm. If she doesn’t, here’s what I’m gonna do. If the car goes down, here’s what I’m gonna do. So it seemed logical.”

Her training and calm demeanor paid off as she successfully helped the man escape from his sinking vehicle. The Glendale Police Department later released footage from government cameras showing Magsamen’s courageous rescue.

This incident at Randall’s Island highlights the bravery and preparedness of everyday citizens like Magsamen. In a world often dominated by negative news, stories of heroism and selflessness remind us of the good in people and the importance of being ready to help others in need.

Magsamen’s actions serve as an inspiring example of how lifesaving skills and a willingness to act can prevent tragedy. Her story encourages others to be vigilant and prepared, as one never knows when they might need to step in and save a life.

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