Deported Driver Involved In Fatal Colorado Crash Faces Charges

Ignacio Cruz-Mendoza, who has been deported multiple times, is facing charges following a fatal accident on US 285 that resulted in the death of 64-year-old Scott Miller. On June 11, Cruz-Mendoza lost control of his semi-truck, causing a crash that has led to charges of vehicular assault and vehicular homicide.

KMGH-TV reports that Cruz-Mendoza, 47, has a long history with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), having been deported to Mexico at least 16 times since April 2002. His most recent deportation was on May 29, just two weeks before the crash. Despite these deportations, Cruz-Mendoza managed to return to the U.S. each time.

During a hearing, Jefferson County prosecutors argued against reducing Cruz-Mendoza’s $50,000 bail, emphasizing his repeated deportations and labeling him a significant flight risk. The First Judicial District Attorney highlighted Cruz-Mendoza’s 2018 DUI case and a 2002 drug case in Oregon as additional concerns.

The Colorado State Patrol identified excessive speed as a factor in the crash. Cruz-Mendoza’s truck, owned by Monique Trucking, veered off the road, rolled onto its side, and spilled 47,000 pounds of steel pipes onto the highway, affecting five vehicles. Additionally, the truck’s brakes failed, and Cruz-Mendoza did not have a commercial vehicle license.

Miller’s daughter Michelle remembered her father fondly, stating, “He was only 64. I just want everyone to know that my dad was fun. He was an awesome dad and was an awesome grandfather.”

This tragic incident underscores the ongoing issue of border security and the ease with which individuals can re-enter the U.S. despite multiple deportations. Critics argue that companies like Monique Trucking, which had five safety violations, may contribute to such tragedies by prioritizing cheap labor over legal compliance. As the debate over border security continues, this case highlights the need for effective enforcement to prevent repeat offenses by individuals with extensive criminal histories.

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